What kind of church is Canvas?


I get this question all the time. Usually my answer is an enthusiastic, “The best church!” But seriously, with all the churches in and around Central Ohio, the question is why start another church? Here’s the long answer…

I have always wanted a church that my friends and family would love to attend. But that’s not all. I mean after all, we can just throw a party every week and cook out and my friends and family would show up. Church has to be more than a gathering. God put this desire in my heart so as I studied the Bible and prayed about what God wants in a church and it became apparent that God uses the church to accomplish His will.

His will for all humanity that He expresses from Genesis to Revelation is that human kind would cultivate the earth so that it looks like heaven. That we would rule the earth as the angels rule heaven, conforming it to His will. God wants to accomplish this through relationships. The original plan was for Adam and Eve to raise their family in the ways of God and that their kids would pass it on until all the earth was filled with the knowledge of God.

Sin and selfishness has gotten in the way of that so Jesus, the Son of God (once again emphasizing God’s value on relationships) showed us how to live, how to be human and restarted the clock. This time, instead of using a family, and a bloodline, Jesus mentored 12 ordinary people. They in turn mentored or discipled more people. This process was so effective that by the end of the first century, the church movement grew from 11 to over 1 million people!

But once again, sin and selfishness distracted people from the mission of God and the church became nothing more than programs and politics. Maybe this is the church you grew up in or the church you heard about. But this is not God’s original plan. The church wasn’t suppose to be about coming to watch a talking head once a week. The church is alive and is a group of people who are called to reveal who God is, what His love is like and to replicate disciples like the early church.

The name Canvas comes from Ephesians 5. The apostle Paul says that Christ desires to present the church “without stain or wrinkle, and holy and blameless.” To be without stain we study the Bible because according to Ephesians 5:26, it is the Word of God that cleanses the church. To be without wrinkle, a fabric has to be stretch to it’s fullest capacity without tearing. That is us, we should be stretched and conformed to the shape that God wants. A fabric stretched to its fullest capacity without tear or wrinkle is a canvas. That is what I hope we become at Canvas Church. I want to be stretched and cleaned by depending on the Holy Spirit to help me accomplish what I read in Scripture. As this happens, I then become an image, a representation of God. I display and reveal His love and power. Everyone can tell someone what the Bible says, but I want people to see it in me and my family. I want to be a canvas, and I want you to be a canvas too!

If you have read this far I know something about you. I know that God is doing something in your heart. He is calling you to something and He is calling you from something. I want to help you throughout this process. My hope and prayer for you is the mission of Canvas.

Our Mission is…

To Reach People, Reveal Jesus and to Replicate Disciples.

We are…

A relational, multi-generational, multi-ethnic, discipleship focused church.

Our hope for you is…

That you Find friends, Know God, and Live on Mission.

Tim, Kelly, Asher, Lucy and Josiah Walk