Aren't there enough churches in Westerville?

My wife, and two kids started a crazy adventure last week as we moved our lives from sunny and warm Atlanta, Georgia to the tundra (it snowed in April!) of Westerville Ohio. Two things stood out to me as we moved home. 1. It is cold. I had to explain to my kids what “warming up a car” entailed. 2. There are some amazing churches in Westerville. We live off of Cooper Rd. in the shadow of Vineyard Columbus. I am meeting a pastor who planted an awesome church called Oasis Church next week and someone from the network I’m planting with is also starting a church in Westerville. Are there some pretty awesome churches in Westerville Ohio? Yes. Are there enough? No. 


According to the American Church Research project, in 2010, less than 20% of the population of the State of Ohio attended a church on any given weekend. Less than 1 in 5 people are attending or connected to a church. The study further revealed that this was part of a much larger declining trend which means that number is even lower today. So, are there plenty of great churches in Westerville Ohio? Yes. Are there enough? No.



My family want to come along side some of the amazing churches that are already doing God’s work in our city and to continue to reach the lost. Our goal is to help people in the city of Westerville, discover their purpose, find a place to belong and to lead where they are. This means that we are going to be laser focused on a few things.


  1. We are committed to be a church you will be proud to invite your neighbors and co-workers to. This means that our kids ministry will be safe, secure and plant seeds of the gospel. This means our worship experience will reflect the perspectives of our community, not just our congregations. And finally, this means our teaching will be clear, Biblical and actionable. Whether you have never heard the name of Jesus or you are Billy Graham and Mother Theresa’s love child, our goal is for you to take a step closer to Jesus every week.
  2. We are committed to be a missional church and that is a church of and for the community of Westerville. We want to serve our city and love our city. Canvas is committed to not just share the message of God’s love to Westerville, but reflect God’s love. Which means that our lives will be a Canvas that will help Westerville see God’s beautiful love. 


-Tim Walk, Lead Pastor of Canvas Church