Jesus for President

In the midst of a historic election, it is time for us to consider the tension between being a citizen and being a Christian. Join us as we seek Scripture to discover what it would look like to honor God as an American.


MOVING AWAY from Default

We all have default ways of thinking, natural reactions to how we make decisions. But God wants more from us than our natural, He wants us to think supernaturally and be led by the Spirit.


But I hate broccoli!

You ever noticed that when kids don't get their way, it is hard for them to obey? What if I told you it's not just a kid problem? It is hard for all of us when we don't get our way, to obey. This week we look at how Scripture tells us to respond when we don't like what is going on.


Generous Nation

You have heard it said that the United States is a blessed nation, but we as a nation and as individuals are endanger of becoming entitled when we do not use our blessings to be generous.