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In this 4 week series, pastor Tim examines a promise God made to Israel that is repeated throughout the Scriptures and applies to us today. These promises are still celebrated every day during the Jewish celebration of Passover. To each promise, Jews drink a cup of wine in honor of each of these promises. these four cups represent God's will for believers today!


The Cup of Salvation

The promises God made were to the Israelites when they were enslaved by the Egyptians. But we aren't slaves today, so the promise of being saved doesn't apply to us today right? As pastor Tim discusses, many of us still find ourselves, trapped, controlled and in need of salvation.


The Cup of Deliverance

How many of you know that you can be a Christian, but still be controlled by sin? All because you have been freed, does not mean you know how to live in that freedom. For the Israelites, God promised them salvation, removing them from out of Egypt. Then God promised, deliverance, moving Egypt out of them.


The Cup of Redemption

God's plan for the Israelites did not include them escaping Egypt just to leave them in the wilderness. God had a plan and a purpose for Israel. Israel was to become a new nation that would be an example to the world, a canvas, that would reveal God's beautiful and redemptive love. 


The Cup of Fulfillment

God created us in His image. God is a relational being therefore we are relational beings. We need community we need each other. God promises us fulfillment by creating a community for us to know and to be known. This community utilizes our gifts and talents in the service of others. In the Old Testament, this community was Israel and in the New Testament, it is the church.