We are building a church that you would be proud to bring your unchurched friend, neighbor, family or co-worker to, but we can't do it alone. We need your help. We want you to give of your time and talent to help make Canvas Church a place where God's transforming love is experienced. We are asking for a six-month commitment. Give us six months, and you will change the world. No really, you will help launch a church that will give to world missions, serve the needy and change lives. If this is something you are up for, let's do this together. 

Our expectations...

Great relationships have great communication. We want to clarify our expectations of you. 

COME to our weekly meetings to learn more about the culture of our church, to connect with others and to find a place where you can contribute.

INVITE No matter how amazing our church becomes, it will not matter unless people know about it and are personally invited.

GIVE Ministry is free, but it is not cheap. We want you to invest in Canvas Church. Until 8/1, all of your gifts will be matched, dollar for dollar.

SERVE We need your help to make Canvas feel like home. We will need help with setup, the worship experience, hosting and in kids ministry.

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I understand that I am committing to come, invite, give to and serve Canvas Church for the next six months *