Brain Stuff

With the advent of the FMRI machine (functional magnetic resonance imaging), scientists are able to observe and learn about the brains in ways that were not possible 20 years ago. Did you know that when certain parts of the brain light up, others go dark? Or that your brain goes through a major reconstruction process that begins at puberty and isn't completed until your mid 20's? Did you know that research has revealed that prayer and meditation improves brain functionality or that when Jesus said, "You must change and become like children." He may have been referring to how children process information? Learn more in this mini series called "Brain stuff."



As we open our discussion on the brain we learn about the amygdala, pre-frontal cortex and and the anterior correlate cingulate. Oh and about the Bible!


Part 2

Jesus told His listeners, "You must change and become like children." Obviously He wasn't referring to maturity or wisdom, but maybe He was referring to information processing?