Better Together

Draft horses are muscular horses that are used by farmers to help till the soil, and pull heavy things from field to field. One single draft horse can pull about 8000 lbs. But when you put two draft horses on the same load, they don’t only pull twice their own weight, they can actually pull THREE times their own weight, 24000 lbs. Horses, like humans can accomplish more together than the sum of its parts. Join us as we discover that we are better together.



Ever notice that you can forget to wash your hands at home, but if you ever see someone in a public restroom who doesn't wash their hands, you look at them with scorn? It's an interesting phenomenon, community creates accountability. All month long, Canvas Church will look at how community can affect us in positive ways and that community has the power to help us affect our community. 


Part 2

Habit change is really hard. It turns out that most of us find it difficult to do something new and uncomfortable. Whether its a new diet, working out, or saving money, doing something new and uncomfortable is difficult. Organizations that succeed in helping people form new habits depend on community. Group fitness, Weight Watchers and Dave Ramsey all use the power of community to help form and develop new habits. Can this phenomenon also be used for Evangelism? If so, then we can certainly reach more together.

Part 3

Have you ever wondered, "why church?" Why do we wake up on Sunday mornings and gather together for what we call "church"? Pastor Tim started studying the gatherings of Jesus and one of the things that becomes apparent is the pooling of resources. Together 5,000 people can be fed and together, an offering could be taken to help those in Jerusalem or land could be sold so that there were no one with needs within the church. Together, we can give more.

Part 4

When asked why was a man born blind, Jesus responds, "So God can be glorified." Essentially, Jesus responded to "Why is there suffering?" With so people can feel the reality of God. When people suffer, the church has an opportunity to reveal the love of God through acts of sacrifice and service. This is a huge responsibility, one that requires us to work together. But when we come together, we can serve more and reveal God's love to the world.