As a church, our mission is to reveal Jesus’ beautiful and transforming love to the world.

This means that we are focused on Reaching People through acts of service and love, Revealing Jesus through authentic community, and Replicating Disciples by intentionally making disciples who make disciples.


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As Christ followers it is easy for us to lean on our emotions. When things are going well, we tend to feel God easier. When things aren't going well, we often ask "Where is God?" As we begin the advent season, Pastor Tim will be sharing a special four part message called God with us. Inspired by the teachings of Craig Groschel, this series will challenge us and remind us that no matter where we are, God is with us! Join us every Sunday at 10:30am in November at 941 S. State St. Building C in Westerville 43081. There will be no service on December 30th.